Mailman Settings - Public Announcement List Cheat Sheet

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Given the large number of settings that Mailman provides I have written up this cheat sheet as a guide for quickly setting up a public announcement list.

I have split these settings into two lists

  • A list of settings for setting up a generic announcement list that whoever is providing the list can set before handing over the list password to whoever has requested the email list
  • A list of settings that whoever has requested the list should look at adjusting

For administrators setting up the list

For the people running the list

General Options

  • The list administrator email addresses. Multiple administrator addresses, each on separate line is okay.

These email addresses will be publicly available on the listinfo page so you may wish to leave this being set as the default address or at least avoid using personal email addresses in this box.

  • The list moderator email addresses. Multiple moderator addresses, each on separate line is okay.

These email addresses will be kept private. Add here the email addresses of the people who will be moderating the list so they can recieve notifications of list subscriptions, emails that have been sent to list but are held for moderation etc.

  • A terse phrase identifying this list.

Add a short description that will be displayed on the list of all email lists on the mail server

  • An introductory description - a few paragraphs - about the list. It will be included, as html, at the top of the listinfo page. Carriage returns will end a paragraph - see the details for more info.

This will appear on the list info page

  • Prefix for subject line of list postings.

You may wish to adjust this as it will appear at the front of all emails sent out to the email list.

  • List-specific text prepended to new-subscriber welcome message
  • Text sent to people leaving the list. If empty, no special text will be added to the unsubscribe message.
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